Welcome to my site!

Yep, this is actually moi.
Lyricist for hire!

Got a great tune but don’t have the great lyrics it demands? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve been writing lyrics for over thirty years now and I’m available to help.

Or maybe you would like to take some already-written lyrics and turn them into a song? Well, you’re also in luck! I’ve got a catalogue of hundreds of songs posted on my forum here.

I don’t really play any instruments so I can’t help with the music, unfortunately. But some of my lyrics do have tunes locked in my head.

So if you’re interested in collaborating in some form, feel free to browse this site to get a feel for my talents, then contact me if you still feel you want to.

Please note, most of my lyrics are hidden on the forum and need special permission to view them. But you can view a number of them over at the www.songwriterforum.co.uk board (where, surprise surprise, my username is… Sterix!), or I’ll be posting some on the Lyrics Spotlight page.